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Asset-Building Program



Opportunity Passport™ is a matched savings, asset-building program that includes financial literacy education, asset-specific training and support through a dedicated PALS Coach. It is a program of Nebraska Children and Families Foundation that is administered by Central Plains Center for Service in Northern, Central and Western Nebraska. The overarching goal of the program is to assist young adults who are transitioning from foster care, juvenile justice or who are homeless to become financially capable.

To be eligible for the program, young adults must be under age 26 and have been a ward of the state of Nebraska at the age of 14 or older or be identified as “unconnected” through the Connected Youth Initiative system in Nebraska. A 3:1 match is provided for a vehicle purchase (e.g., young adult saves $2,000, the program provides $6,000).5 A 2:1 match is provided for housing, education, health, micro-business, credit building, or investment matches, and a 1:1 match is available for participant-specific needs. There is a lifetime cap of $6,000 per participant.

Financial education courses must be completed prior to enrollment in the program. Asset-specific training is completed prior to receiving a match. PALS Coaches also assist young adults who are enrolled in the program with opening personal bank accounts, establishing or restablishing credit and many other financial literacy topics and skills.