The PREPARATION, TRANSITION & INDEPENDENT LIVING SERVICES program is designed to provide you support and guidance with the challenges of becoming independent. A PALS Specialist works with you one-on-one to help assess your strengths and abilities, as well as assist you in identifying your personal vision for becoming a successful independent adult.

Each of you have different situations and needs—the PALS Specialist will make sure your plan and the work you do is directed to your specific needs, making it unique to you.

If you’re not sure of what you want to do with your life—that’s OK. Take some time and think about how you envision your future. Vision begins with desire, but it doesn’t end there. Your vision for your future will begin to emerge as you think about what you most enjoy doing and what talents you most enjoy using.

“My PALS Specialist helped me build a budget so I could manage my money more efficiently and pay my bills on my own. They helped me get everything in order when I was applying for colleges and scholarships. My PALS Specialist helped me with filling out my FAFSA and filling my taxes. My Specialist always returned my calls or emails within the same day.”   ~ Diedra

Program Contact:

Felipe Longoria- 970-310-3025

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Helping Youth Succeed
Your journey starts now and we’re here to help! Get connected to a PALS worker to help you build the foundation for your INDEPENDENT future! The Central Plains Center for Services staff is committed to your success!


We have the tools to get you there.
When it’s time for you to move toward independence, the PALS program can help you navigate the road ahead. The areas of life you and a PALS worker will focus upon:
Education, Employment, Housing & Daily Living, Relationships, Health, or a goal of your choice.
You may work on all areas or select one you are most interested in. You can do anything you set your mind to. It just takes action, perseverance,and facing your fears.

It’s your choice!

Central Plains Center for Services

Only you can create the future of your dreams.